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A double diagnosis is prevalent among people who attempt to medicate themselves for a relief from mental disorder that often leads to drug addiction. These are the common types of double diagnosis that need medical attention. Any patient with serious mental illness and substance abuse, personality disorder with addiction issues, serious indications of depression with substance dependency or a combination of psychological problem and drug or alcohol addiction must seek suitable treatment in facilities for dual diagnosis.

Detoxification is the initial step that patients have to undergo in the dual diagnosis treatment method. Sometimes sufferers who have serious cases of addiction can no longer control their mind and will need a professional to help them maintain the stability of their emotions. In most cases, this can be fatal if treatments are not given professionally. Specialized counseling will follow to free the thoughts from disturbances and allow the patient to totally recover from their dual disorders.

Double diagnosis situations include the worst problems of addiction and mental illness. An efficient medication for these types of patients is provided by medical professionals in dual diagnosis centers which will help patients accomplish a successful recovery and healthy living. Most medical professionals prescribe medicines to complete the detoxification process as an initial method to the medication. This will help cleanse the patient's system from the deposits of addictives and their byproducts. These diseases can only be treated with integrated programs that are designed by experts and specialized for double diagnosis sufferers. The absence of drugs and alcohol in the patient's body may create an extreme pain, cramps and other possible symptoms. This will help psychologist to identify the factors that cause emotional problems which lead to the patient's addiction. During the procedure, a patient may experience mild to serious withdrawal signs.. Alcoholics are also prone to this condition as they use alcohol to escape from their emotional issues. Reliable double diagnosis centers can provide strict supervision that will guide the patients to go through the phase of intense pain. In many cases, emotional issues are often the main problem that leads people to addiction in drugs and alcohol.

Substance dependency and mental illness are usually connected to each other.

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